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The best of the best

By Jared Thompson | October 26, 2021

The New Zealand women’s rugby sevens team has won a prestigious award, recognising them as the best female team to compete at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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Newsrewired workshop: Mastering the remote interview

By Jared Thompson | October 20, 2021

Remote interviews, when done well, can work wonders for a busy newsroom looking for high-quality content. That is where Blinder comes in, a platform which allows journalists to coordinate interviews, capture multimedia content and create great stories – all without any party needing new software or skills.

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Naomi Osaka

Is it time to retire the press conference?

By Jared Thompson | September 10, 2021

Is it time for the press conference to retire? By Jared Thompson | Sept. 16, 2021 It’s noon on Monday; time for a free lunch. That’s what weekly football team press conferences felt like when I was working in the University of Oklahoma’s athletics department. Being a championship contender year after year meant nearly three…

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What is the metaverse and are we already living in it?

By Jared Thompson | September 3, 2021

Ever commuted in a self-driving Tesla? Slightly meta. Owned an NFT or cryptocurrency? Very meta. Played Minecraft or Fortnite? Your virtually meta. Conducted a business transaction using only Bitcoin, Zoom and Dropbox? Metaverse.

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How to successfully onboard new software in your organization

By Jared Thompson | August 20, 2021

Organizations are always evolving. As new technologies, employees and challenges emerge, it becomes essential to review and modify processes that foster collaboration, execution and efficiency. Many times, adopting new software can enhance workflows but it comes with the challenge of gaining acceptance and use among your employees in a systematic and useful way.

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Our favorite 2020 Olympics moments

By Jared Thompson | August 18, 2021

The 2020 Olympic Games did not fail to provide remarkable and significant moments that we will always remember. Here were a few of our favorites from connections made by the Olympic Channel for their array of storytelling from the past few months.

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5 unique ways to share the Olympic journey

By Jared Thompson | July 8, 2021

An unprecedented Summer Olympics commences July 23 with few people in attendance other than the athletes themselves. Here are a few ways to use Blinder to easily connect and share the stories of your Olympians.

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By blinderhq | July 6, 2021

Although the sportspeople involved may not have been directly impacted by COVID-19, they are able to share their experiences as role models of how they, for example, dealt with uncertainty during their sporting career, stayed motivated during long periods of rehabilitation, and navigated the waves of significant changes including unexpected career transitions.

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Aaron Rodgers

Why wouldn’t you record all your media interviews? NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants to know

By Caley Wilson | May 1, 2021

Aaron Rodgers sets records in every game he plays. He also records all his interviews. And he’s curious why other athletes, and anyone who talks with the media don’t.

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