Safe, simple & smart media interviews

Blinder is the smartest way for comms/media managers to bring Talent and the media into conversation.


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Blinder: Taking care of the big calls

Safely connect Talent and media anywhere

Protect the privacy, time and wellbeing of your talent - as well as the reputation of your brand - by scheduling ‘Blind calls’. (They happen without any personal contact details being exchanged).

“The perfect system for connecting everyone without sacrificing privacy.”
Patrick Keane - Media manager (AFL)
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Simply seamless phone interviews

Everyone is set to use Blinder right now. The system works like a regular phone call (but smarter) without any party needing new software. All your Talent needs to do is answer their phone.

“Lets us schedule, manage and record interviews with ease.”
Evan Sieff - Media Manager (Penrith Panthers)

The smartest way to stay on top of things

Get your stories told smartly, and stay on top of everything, by not only protecting privacy and providing great access, but by being able to join or listen back to any media interview. You’ll save hours and headaches, too.

“An indispensable part of our media operations. It makes sense and it works.”
Aaron Heifetz - Press Officer (US Women’s Soccer)
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How does it work?

Communications and media management teams use a secure, online Blinder dashboard to schedule ‘Blind calls’. Notifications and reminders are sent by text and email to the Talent and the Media.

Then, at the agreed interview time:

Media can dial from any phone line directly to the Talent’s mobile phone (without having any personal contact details).
Talent simply answers the incoming ‘Blind call’ (which comes from a recognised Blinder phone number).
Comms/media team can join the interview or instantly listen back to it. (You have an archive of all interviews and activity).
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