All plans come with a 14-day free trial


US$ 11.99 /call
  • Standard features only
    or pay US$ 14.99 /call with Premium features
  • Pay as you go for calls
  • 1 Account Manager
  • No Archives


US$ 49 /mo
  • Standard features only
    or pay US$ 74 /mo with Premium features
  • 5 calls/mo*
    or 60 calls/year on an annual plan**
  • 1 Account Manager
  • Call Archives
  • Annual plans available**


US$ 99 /user/mo
  • Premium features included
  • 10 calls/user/mo*
    or 120 calls/user/year on an annual plan**
  • Share your account and your calls with multiple Account Managers
  • Call Archives
  • Annual plans available**

Pro Team

US$ 495 /mo
  • Premium features included
  • Unlimited calls
  • Up to
    6 Account Managers
    Add more for US$ 99 /user/mo
  • Call Archives
  • Annual plans only


* Need more calls added to your plan?

Pre-purchased: US$8 per call for <14 additional calls per month, US$6 per call for 15+ additional calls per month

Pay as you go: US$10 per call

Need more Account Managers?

Pay US$19 per month for each additional Account Manager you would like to share your call allocation with (Team plans only).

All plans include full international dialling with no restrictions on call minutes.

** With annual plans, your calls can be used any time of the year without monthly restrictions.

Prices exclude any applicable sales taxes.


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Blind calling

Allow people to call your talent on their personal mobiles without exchanging any personal contact details.


Call scheduling

Select when calls will take place. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.


Time control

Calls can only connect at agreed times, with time zones automatically calculated for each party.


Audio recording

Play or download call audio as soon as a call is complete.



Call notifications and reminders are automatically sent to all parties by text and email. You can also add briefing notes.


Smart numbers

Choose a Blinder number from local options across the globe, then schedule multiple simultaneous calls through it.


Call tracking/archive

See in real-time when calls are taking place, check if they’ve been completed, and keep a record of everything.


Frictionless adoption

No party needs to download anything to use Blinder, with the system working across the globe from any phone line.

Premium Features


Add yourself

Create a three-party call for any conversation that requires ‘special care’.


Call control

Make sure things end on time with hard-finish calls. An audio tone signals when conversations need to wrap up.


Call series

Co-ordinate a series of tightly grouped calls around major announcements.



Share management of calls with your colleagues, agents and clients.