“What if athletes could receive calls, on their personal mobiles, without sharing their number with the caller?"


About Us

A conversation between Caley Wilson and his old mate (and former junior swimming rival) Ross McConnell - where Caley shared his 'blind call' idea mentioned above - was the spark that led to Blinder’s formation. Read more from our Founders below.

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Why Blinder?

When I was the media manager of the New Zealand Rugby League team, there was significant media interest in my athletes. But the players were scattered across teams in New Zealand, Australia and England. To maximise coverage, a lot of media interviews needed to happen by phone. But what was the best way to connect everyone?

Sharing the personal mobile numbers of the athletes meant I was rolling the dice with their privacy. With worldwide media disruption and increased attention on player welfare, that didn’t sit well with me. But maintaining privacy meant either arranging calls through other peoples’ phones (which restricted access), or getting the athletes to initiate calls themselves (which had a poor success rate).

So I started talking to my industry peers to see how they were solving the problem. From professional sport to entertainment to politics – and from Melbourne to London to Los Angles – similar frustrations emerged.

There had to be a better way.


Why else?

"Receive calls on your own mobile phone without sharing your number with the caller?  It’s such a simple proposition, someone must be doing it already."  That was my first thought when Caley told me about his idea.  My next thought was: “That’s definitely something I’d use."

I’m no sports star, but I do believe that modern communications have become too invasive and distracting.  And (to geek-out on you just a little) we’re far too inclined to use ‘asynchronous' communications - like email and messaging - in situations where a good old-fashioned phone conversation is more appropriate.

But there are few things more distracting than a phone call when you’re focused on something else.  And when we share our phone numbers we lose control over who can call us and when.  The only way to fix that - as many high-profile people will attest - is to change your number.

There simply had to be a better way.

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Blinder is based in Auckland, New Zealand - the ‘City of Sails’. We’re in ClearPoint House, which you can actually see in the bottom left corner of this photo (partially obscured by the Sky Tower in the foreground) - where we have front row seats for the 2021 America’s Cup.

Auckland is a great home base, but we’ve been global since the day we started. Our first customers were in Australia, and Blinder has been used by Olympic champions to Grammy winners around the globe.

To find Auckland, just make your way to a major hub like Singapore or LA, and fly away from Europe for about 12 hours.  You’ll be so pleased you made the trip.

If you’re coming to see us, you may prefer to schedule a call first. We’d love to hear from you.

“A technological innovation that is sweeping the sports and entertainment industries.”

“Everybody is a winner out of this."

“A new way of giving media 'controlled access' to the fashionable and famous.”

“Superphone, Twilio and even Google Numbers... none of these have the same level of control and privacy as facilitated by Blinder.”

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