We bring the world's newsmakers into the conversation.

Blinder is a remote interview platform that brings the world’s newsmakers into conversation. Our clients range from large media organisations, to world champion sports teams and major record labels, to single content creators working from home. We help them all to tell better stories, faster, from anywhere.

Our headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand, with other offices in Las Vegas and London.


Our Origin

Blinder emerged from the challenge of trying to remotely and reliably connect pro athletes with the media. You get plenty of insights into that space if you’re running communications for the New Zealand Rugby League team – like Caley Wilson, one of our founders.

Our earliest clients were some of the world’s leading sports and entertainment brands. They wanted to get their stories told to deepen bonds with fans and to drive broadcast viewership, but they also needed to respect everyone’s privacy and time.

With Olympic champions and Grammy winners using Blinder, removing friction became a big part of our DNA. That was on show in 2019 when we added HD video calling – without the need for any party to download new software – to our initial Blinder audio offering.

In early 2020, with Covid-19’s impact being felt, Blinder streamlined workflows for broadcasters and content producers, allowing easy collaboration – wherever staff and news sources were – while generating HD video content to share with their audiences.

Our Team

A conversation between longtime friends paved the groundwork for Blinder. Since it's inception, a crew of international misfits has joined the team in celebration of the idea that there's a world of knowledge at our fingertips. And, if something screws up, you can write in all caps to one of these key staffers:

Caley Wilson

Co-Founder/Executive Director (LONDON)

Working with an international sports team is great training for understanding the friction involved in remotely connecting talent and the media. Caley got his share of insights into that space when running communications for New Zealand Rugby League.

Recognising that things could be handled very differently, Caley ran an idea past Ross McConnell – an old mate from Pukekohe High School – and the pair got scheming.

Ross McConnell

Co-Founder (AUCKLAND)

Ross leads the Blinder team from our headquarters in Auckland. He brings a wealth of international business experience including leading a global software asset management company and connecting Kiwis across the world as the CEO of KEA (Kiwi Expats Association).

Ross occasionally yells out ‘Go Bears!’, which is but one reminder of his time doing an MBA at Berkley’s Haas School of Business.

Sinead Huggins

Operations Manager (AUCKLAND)

Sinead combines a big dose of practicality with sprinkles of Irish charm. She was Blinder’s critical first hire, having worked with Ross at an earlier venture.

Being across everything from the start makes Sinead a great asset when it comes to supporting our customers, suppliers and our founders.

Jared Thompson

Vice President of Content (LAS VEGAS)

Jared has worked in many leading institutions within US sport. Try this on: NCAA, University of Oklahoma, Purdue University. His path first crossed with Blinder’s when he was a client.

Jared knows content and PR and approaches problems from angles even your protractor isn’t aware of.


Michal Chudy


Michal leads our software development team and loves problem solving, which is just as well considering the big challenges he and Blinder take on.

After completing a masters degree in management information systems at the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic, Michal headed to New Zealand and we lured him to Blinder from a senior role with Orion Health.

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