Smarter media interviews

Schedule, manage and record media phone interviews with ease

Say goodbye to guesswork and
hello to high performance media management

A user confidently using the Blinder platform

Dial up confidence

(while dialing back anxiety)

Blinder platform saving time

Save hours

(while avoiding headaches & hassles)

Blinder plarform empowering comms team collaboration

Keep on top of everything

(with seamless recording
and collaboration tools)

Protect privacy through the magic of ‘Blind calls’

Schedule media phone interviews that happen without any personal contact details being exchanged.

Secure, online dashboard for scheduling ‘Blind calls’

Super smart Blinder numbers (that the Media dial to be directly connected to your Talent)

Save Talent and Media contacts for swift future use

Schedulling a Blind call in Blinder
Listening to a Blind call recording on a mobile phone

Listen back to any interview recording

Interview recordings and transcriptions keep you right across what’s been said.

Record any interview to your Blinder dashboard

Playback through your mobile, laptop or computer

Download the audio or a transcription

Set and forget

Take less than 2 mins to schedule a ‘Blind call’, then let the system keep everyone on track.

Text, email, and calendar notifications to participants

Individual interview briefing notes

Automatic reminder text messages to participants

Users receive email and SMS notifications about their Blind calls

Did you know?

Everyone is set to do a ‘Blind call’ right now

The Media can make a ‘Blind call’ from any phone line. Your Talent receives them just like a regular phone call (but from a trusted team Blinder number). No downloads. No software. No hassles.

Tennessee Volunteers players celebrating after winning the game

Tennessee Athletics

“As a department head, there's a great relief in knowing that we've implemented a system that has truly made our staff's job easier. This simplifies an element of the job that we do all of the time. An unexpected secondary benefit is that we're also servicing the media at a higher level.”

Tom Satkowiak - Associate Athletics Director of Communications at Tennessee Athletics
Tom Satkowiak
Associate Athletics Director of Communications

All-new powers of collaboration

Get everyone in your Comms team on the same page with a multi-user account.

Jointly manage accounts with your Comms/Media team colleagues

Reschedule or cancel interviews in seconds

Automatically share recordings with the media

Blinder dashboard showing Blind calls for all communication managers on the Blinder account
Blinder's timezone picker to choose the time zone and time for your Blind call

Take control of time

‘Blind calls’ can only connect at agreed times, but that’s just the beginning of the control Blinder gives you over time.

Simple participant time zone selection

Flexible call windows

Optional hard-finish calls (which ensure interviews can’t run over)

Keep on top of everything

Easily stay across everything happening under your duty of care.

Live call tracking lets you see in real time when interviews are taking place

Archive of interview recordings

Join any interview that requires special care

Blinder dashboard showing active Blind calls in real time
James Madison University football team players lining up before the game kick-off

JMU Athletics

“We don't give out numbers for our coaches and our athletes to members of the media. So this is a great tool that allows them to be able to connect directly to our athletes, to our coaches, to our administrators, without having to give out one single cell phone number."

JChris Brooks - Director of Athletics Communications at JMU Athletics
Chris Brooks
Director of Athletics Communications

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