USA Sports Tech startup winners

The Blinder team took great pride in winning the Game Changers startup pitch competition at the USA Sports Analytics & Technology Conference in Dallas, Texas, yesterday.

We were one of seven finalists who presented in front of judges including Marques Colston (the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl-winner representing the NFLPA), Clifford Chapman III (the managing partner of Cre8ation Ventures) and Joe Pimmel (from Stadia Ventures).

The win earns Blinder a major sponsor spot at one of the Sports Analytics World Series events next year (as below). It also cemented the New Orleans Saints in the affections of Blinder, with Marques Colston’s support following earlier encouragement from Roman Harper.

Pictured above are (L-R): John Persico (Sports Analytics World Series), Clifford Chapman III (Cre8ation Ventures), Caley Wilson (Blinder), Joe Pimmel (Stadia Ventures) and Marques Colston (NFLPA). (Note: Joe withdrew from judging some companies, including Blinder, at this event due to their connection to the Stadia Ventures accelerator).


2019 Sports Analytics World Series Calendar

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (May)
  • Toronto, Canada (June)
  • Melbourne, Australia (August)
  • Tokyo, Japan (September)
  • Dallas, Texas (October)
  • London, UK (November)

Also: Mumbai, India (March 2020) | California, USA (April 2020)