Mastering the remote interview: How Blinder can revolutionise your newsroom

By Jared Thompson | Oct. 20, 2021

When the world went into lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the media industry had to find a replacement for face-to-face interviews. In came the ‘remote interview’ and interviewees speaking from bedrooms and home offices, sometimes with perilous audio and video quality. This was a bit of fun at first, but it became clear that the media world was not well-equipped for this change. However, much like many aspects of the pandemic, out of necessity has come innovation.

Remote interviews, when done well, can work wonders for a busy newsroom looking for high-quality content. That is where Blinder comes in, a platform which allows journalists to coordinate interviews, capture multimedia content and create great stories – all without any party needing new software or skills.

In this sponsored session, Blinder runs through its revolutionary features that helps newsrooms, like Discovery and Sky Sports, grab clean soundbites fit for podcasts, social media or broadcast — however far apart you and your guests are.

Jared Thompson is the VP of Content at Blinder and formerly a sports PR manager at the University of Oklahoma, and digital media director at the NCAA and Purdue University.