Never reschedule another media interview

By Caley Wilson | April 25, 2021

With roots in journalism and public relations, Blinder is built to save you hours.

  • Blinder’s automated notifications nearly guarantee your participants will be ready at call time
  • Blinder sends text and emails when calls are scheduled, updated, and 10 minutes before start time
  • Time zones are automatically calculated; so, there are few excuses for a source to miss a call

If there’s one time-suck to rule them all, it’s rescheduling. Speed is of the essence in newsgathering. So when a source doesn’t pick up the phone, it not only makes or breaks a story—it can affect careers.

Many journalists have cited unanswered calls as a primary pain point (next to salary, of course). And, as someone who set up interviews with numerous high-profile sports stars, nothing frustrated me more than redoing all the liaison work—finding a time, connecting with the athlete, connecting with the journalist, providing a secure means of communication.

Having to never, or at least rarely, reschedule an interview would have saved me hours each week.

When I ran communications for New Zealand Rugby League, remote interviews were hard work for everyone, be they media, talent or comms staff. And the time it took everybody could double or triple if things needed to be rescheduled a time or two. When we were creating Blinder, we knew the process could be a whole lot smoother and save wasted hours. 

What's the biggest pain point of being a journalist?


What if you could ensure nine out of your next 10 interviews would connect at the agreed-upon time just by pushing a button? How many hours would that save? How much happiness would that provide you and your editors?

There is such a button. It’s Blinder.

Nearly all calls created with Blinder connect all parties at the agreed time. What makes this happen? It’s a novel approach to interview management that’s baked into the essence of why Blinder was built.

Every Blinder call gives the user an option to send notifications and a 10-minute reminder to all parties involved. That 10-minute reminder, which is delivered by text and email, is a simple, yet critical nudge in keeping workflow.

And if you are scheduling a call for others besides yourself, you’ll be able to instantly live monitor when calls connect, disconnect. 

"The simplicity and efficiency of Blinder saves hours in a day for all parties involved."


- Hamish Hooper, Head of Communications, Emirates Team New Zealand


Even the best-intentioned individuals forget critical tasks.

If you manage high-profile celebrities or executives who regularly speak with the media, this keeps you from having to babysit while allowing for peace of mind.

The text reminder is great. There’s no fussing around with adding an appointment to one’s calendar or whatever. It’s in your face. No missing this one.