5 unique ways to share the Olympic journey

By Jared Thompson | July 8, 2021

The Summer Olympics begins July 23 in Tokyo and will be contested like no other before as few people, not even local fans, may be permitted to attend the Games.

With only ancillary staff on hand and restricted media access, the majority of coverage away from the field of play will come directly from the athletes.

Blinder provides a way for you to remotely connect quickly and easily with your stars for interviews and content creation. Here are a few story ideas that Blinder users are uniquely positioned to create:


The Lockdown Episode 3, from the Leeds Rhinos

Athlete vlogs

Imagine getting daily insights and behind-the-scenes experiences with your athletes en route to, and on the ground in, Tokyo. Imagine getting your hands on that content without putting a burden on your athletes.

Imagine no more. With Blinder, you can record a video call and the athlete's side uploads automatically to the cloud, where you can retrieve a compilation of everyone on the call or each individual file. Your athlete won’t have to do anything more than open their browser.


Video playback within the Blinder dashboard

Family matters

For most Olympians, participation in the Games is the pinnacle moment of their careers. Unfortunately, in 2021, their families will not be able to experience the celebrations in person.

With Blinder you can set up and remotely record video calls between athletes and their families to share in the most emotional moments of the Olympic journey.


Inside Sevens, produced by New Zealand Rugby

Conversations with coaches (or other athletes)

Your athletes’ coaches back home are going to be a daily port of call for instruction, motivation and encouragement. Your athletes will also connect with their teammates and, sometimes, their competitors, too. Why not capture these golden moments?

Capture the voices of your team, league or brand by setting these conversations up with Blinder and receiving the recordings directly to a browser-based dashboard you can access from anywhere.

Professional basketball player takes a call with a young fan

Interaction with fans, donors or everyday heroes

Want to make someone’s day week month year? Surprise them with a video call from their favorite athlete, who just happens to be performing on a world’s stage.

With Blinder, you can arrange a call without sharing the personal contact details with other parties, setting up a massive surprise for a maniacal fan, a VIP to your organization, or an essential worker.

English Football stars surprise National Health Service workers

Or with their real-life heroes

Likewise with the fans, flip the script on your athlete and surprise them with a call from someone they admire.

The well-wishing can be recorded remotely in Blinder and published on your social channels for fans everywhere to enjoy.

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Jared Thompson is the VP of Content at Blinder and formerly a sports PR manager at the University of Oklahoma, and digital media director at the NCAA and Purdue University.