Bullpen Q&A with Caley Wilson

Access, Privacy, Time Pressure Concerns For Athletes: Blinder Solves Them All

“Pressure forces you into new ways of thinking. Having to handle worldwide media interest in athletes like Sonny Bill Williams in that squad meant that, yeah, there was a fair bit of pressure and I just kept on thinking that the routine I was going through with phone interviews was ridiculous."

“I concluded that things would be a whole lot easier if my athletes could receive calls on their own phones without sharing their number with the caller. Or, to flip things around, if I could allow the media to call my athletes directly, at agreed times, but without having their number.” – Caley Wilson


In this Q&A for Bullpen, Clint Vojdinoski asks Caley Wilson about why Blinder got started and how it’s changing the landscape for high-performance communications teams.

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