Productivity Hacks from Sports Technology Leaders

How are you doing on that New Year's Resolution?

Us, too.

Never fear. Benjamin Penkert, founder of SportsTechX, will motivate you to get back on track with his compilation of productivity hacks he's distilled from a year's worth of podcast interviews.


Among the voices is our own co-founder, Caley Wilson. Here's Benjamin's take on Caley's wisdom:

The most unique productivity hack mentioned on the show may have been from Blinder Co-Founder, Caley Wilson who recommends that people talk to strangers more often. “A number of the wins we’ve had from Blinder have come from random conversations,” he said. The people we encounter outside of work can be a great resource, but only if you’re curious and able to begin a conversation with them. “I just think sometimes we can get a little bit insulated in what we’re up to and if we’re curious about who other people are and allow them to be curious about who we are, some pretty interesting things can happen.”

Listen to Benjamin's interview with Caley on the SportsTech AllStars Podcast or using the player below.