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Atlanta Falcons
Governing body of the biggest sport in New Zealand.

Enhance the essentials


Maintain control

Remotely schedule and monitor time-controlled interviews for your talent.


Respect privacy

No personal contact details are exchanged between any parties. Add yourself, monitor or record any interview.


Streamline workflows

Share HD video and audio with the media or edit branded content for your own channels in minutes with BlinderStudio.


Peace of mind

Notifications and reminders let you rest easy knowing conversations will occur as scheduled. Replay every interview before it goes public.

Supercharge your PR

Keep everyone on time

Remotely coordinate interviews for yourself or others, and let automated text and email reminders ensure everyone joins at the start time.


No new software or apps

Everyone with a connected phone, tablet or computer can join a Blinder call without downloading an app or needing a login.

Deliver high-definition multimedia

Record HD video, uncompressed WAV audio and text transcription to the cloud to share with the media or your audience.

Enjoy better conversations

Enjoy better conversations

Create a simple and enjoyable interview experience that respects time and privacy, and watch your guests deliver.

Easily share the voices of your talent

Creating better stories for fans

Phil Daly, head of media for the Leeds Rhinos, explains how his athletes became content creators overnight.

Managing hassle-free interviews

Hear from members of the Wallabies, Australia's national rugby union team.

Blinder for Sports PR

Get more coverage, content and control with Blinder. Coordinate multiple interviews for one or all simultaneously.

“Blinder lets us connect our players with media around the world with the absolute least amount of effort.”

Aaron Heifetz, USA Soccer

Aaron Heifetz
Press Officer, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

“Gives us certainty that the call will be connected to the right person at the right time.”

Dominica Leonard, Warner Music

Dominica Leonard
Head of Publicity & Promotions, Warner Music New Zealand

"Delivers cutting-edge content and allows you to make the best use of your time with complete peace of mind."

Mark Denham, Cardiff City FC

Mark Denham
Head of Communications, Cardiff City Football Club

"An essential one-stop shop."

Daniel Norton, Port Adelaide FC

Daniel Norton
General Manager (Media), Port Adelaide Football Club

“The easiest and most carefree way to arrange media calls.”

Frank Varrasso, Ditto Music

Frank Varrasso
Radio Promotions Manager, Ditto Music

“It's the duck's nuts!”

Tim Price, SGC Group

Tim Price
Collision Course / The Faction Director, SGC Group

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