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The Crowd Goes Wild

The easiest way to interview remote guests



  • No downloads/logins for participants
  • Clean screen for live broadcasting
  • Capture HD isolations and compilations


  • Uncompressed, isolated WAV audio
  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Capture video for other channels

Conversations to content, faster than ever before

Hassle-free access

Make anyone available on any personal device. No downloads or logins needed to join. Automated text reminders keep everyone on track.

hassle-free access

Create better content, faster

Capture HD video, audio and transcription in the highest quality possible for live broadcast or begin editing it online in minutes.

Dedicated live capture

Use Blinder's "Go Live" feature to produce a clean, full screen window free of text, buttons and cursors for a dedicated stream to broadcast.


Streamline workflows

Remotely manage interviews, capture recordings and edit in the cloud. Easily add access for your other team members.

Easy adoption for media disruption

First to breaking news

Blinder's ease of use provides instant and better access to news sources around the globe for Newshub at Discovery, Inc.

Work from anywhere

SKY Sport's The Crowd Goes Wild continues regular programming with a hybrid approach.

"Speed is of the essence in news and Blinder gives us speed."

Tom Bartlett, Newshub at Discovery

Tom Bartlett
Head of Sport, Newshub at Discovery, Inc.

“Our reporters aren’t very technically capable. They use Blinder without stuffing it up.”

James Copland, SKY Sport

James Copland
Producer, The Crowd Goes Wild

"The quality of the call was higher than anything else we've seen in market."

Darryn Fouhy, Newshub at Discovery

Darryn Fouhy
Head of Operations, Newshub at Discovery

"I can’t think of any piece of software that makes it so easy and straightforward."

Alex Liu, Stuff

Alex Liu
Visual Editor, Stuff

"More access, more often. All at the click of a few buttons."

Andrew Leonard,

Andrew Leonard

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No credit card required. No downloads necessary.