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Powerful stories are sowed from powerful conversations. Blinder makes it easy to connect media interview participants and capture multi-channel HD video and audio to share with your audience.

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Save hours with the world's best multimedia interview tool for storytellers.

"I can't think of any piece of software that makes it so straightforward."


Alex Liu
Visual Editor, Stuff

"More access, more often. All at the click of a few buttons."


Andrew Leonard

"The quality of the call was higher than anything else we've seen in market."


Darryn Fouhy
Head of Operations, Newshub

"I love Blinder. It has actually changed my life."


Nicole Thomas
Nicnak Media


Connect in one click

Anyone can take a Blinder interview on their personal mobile, tablet, or computer without downloading an app or needing a login. Create a link to join a video or coordinate a voice call without sharing personal contact details.


Capture HD isolations of every guest

Record each source independently into your cloud-based dashboard to retrieve the individual files, and a compilation of the full call. No more hassling with screen captures and local recordings.


Set it and forget it

Schedule your interviews like you would add an appointment to your calendar and let Blinder's automated notifications and reminders keep participants informed.


Enjoy a better interview

Blinder's no-stress start-up means happier guests using the device they prefer. Capture higher quality video and clear, vibrant audio to edit the way you want.

Easy adoption for media disruption

Blinder provides the quickest and easiest way to connect and capture multimedia content.


No skills required

The world's print journalists are increasingly asked to provide more video. Blinder makes that possible without having to upskill, purchase new equipment, or disrupt existing workflows.


More editing options

Multimedia storytellers want better and more content options to deliver their final design. Blinder provides independent video and audio recordings of each guest, and a full compilation, in 720p HD.


Faster workflow

When news breaks, Blinder is ready first. Travel from the idea to the interview to the internet faster than ever before with frictionless setup and cloud-based recording.

Interview-to-internet, faster than ever before

Instantly remove friction and headaches with a platform built upon ease and respect.


Stuff turns its network print journalists into live video stars for election coverage.


NewsHub uses Blinder to break news at a lightning-quick pace.


SKY Sport TV's The Crowd Goes Wild, survives lockdown capturing video through Blinder.

Carol Hirschfeld
Head of Content, Stuff

"Absolutely every reporter I was working with was thrilled to find how simple Blinder was to use."

Plans for teams of every size

Prices shown for annual subscription rates.


1-to-1 video interviewing with HD recordings of each party



Multiparty video interviewing and more of everything else



More tools for sophisticated individuals or small teams



For larger teams or groups with varying responsibilities


Inspiration from leading media professionals

Join Blinder's global community of media and communications innovators.

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