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Unleash the stories of your athletes, coaches and teams.

PR managers and content creators behind high-performance teams tell their stories better, faster, and from anywhere with Blinder. It's the easiest way to make your talent accessible through any phone, tablet, or computer, and share the conversation with your audiences.

How it works

More Content

Easily capture HD video footage from calls between your athletes and your content team, fans, sponsors and rivals. Then swiftly publish it.

More Coverage

Make your talent available through their personal devices for recorded or live HD video or audio calls with the world’s media.

More Control

Manage everything from anywhere. Calls only connect at agreed times, you can join them, and no personal contact details are exchanged.

11 reasons competitive teams choose Blinder

Storytelling with confidence.

Provide your talent with a secure, comfortable, and easy way to share their stories with your fans, sponsors and media.

Australian National Rugby Team

Leeds Rhinos

"The perfect system for connecting everyone without sacrificing privacy."

Patrick Keane, Media Relations Manager


"Delivers cutting-edge content and lets you make the best use of your time with complete peace of mind."

Mark Denham, Head of Communications


"This product has been a godsend."

Chris Brooks, Associate Director


"An essential one-stop shop for media managers."

Daniel Norton, General Manager (Media)


Easy for Everyone

No party needs new software or skills to use Blinder. Your athletes and coaches just click a link in a text/email or answer a call. It’s just as easy for the media or fans.


Streamline Workflows

Schedule or instantly start calls between anyone through your cloud-based team dashboard. Jointly manage accounts with colleagues for immediate and remote content creation.


Duty of Care

Respect the privacy and performance of your athletes and coaches by making them easily accessible at defined times while keeping personal contact details private.


On the Record

Capture HD video and audio multi-channel cloud recordings for content production, media training, reputation management or to share with the media.


Save Time & Hassles

Your online team dashboard keeps a record of everything. Call notifications and reminders are sent to all parties by text and email. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.


Engage Fans & Sponsors

Remotely bring fans and sponsors directly into HD video conversations with your athletes and coaches.

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