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Governing body of the biggest sport in New Zealand.
Penrith Panthers

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More Coverage

Easily make your talent available through their personal devices for recorded or live HD video and phone calls with the world’s media.


More Content

Simply bring your athletes and team leaders into conversation with your content team, fans, sponsors and rivals – and capture HD content from every device.


More Control

Manage everything from anywhere. Interviews only connect at agreed times, you can join them, and no personal contact details are exchanged.

"Lets us schedule, manage and record interviews with ease."


Evan Sieff
Media Manager, Penrith Panthers

"Delivers cutting-edge content and allows you to make the best use of your time with complete peace of mind."


Mark Denham
Head of Communications, Cardiff City FC

Tell stories with confidence

Quickly and easily connect your talent with media, fans, and sponsors.

Open the doors

Provide controlled, remote access to your team more efficiently than you, or your media, ever thought possible. Schedule video or phone interviews in seconds and let Blinder keep everyone on track. No software to download or logins needed to join.

Everything on record

You and your media can record or live broadcast HD video calls or phone calls with your athletes and coaches, or bring fans and others directly into conversations. Your calls can be saved to your cloud-based team dashboard or shared with participants in a single click.

All at your fingertips

You hold the reins, but Blinder removes the hassles. Schedule, reschedule or cancel interviews in seconds. Calls only connect at agreed times and:

  1. Blinder automates notifications and reminders for everyone;
  2. No personal contact details are exchanged, making Blinder the gold standard in duty of care.

"This product has been a godsend."


Chris Brooks
Associate Communications Director, James Madison University

"Quick, easy, safe and keeps a record of everything."


Kerry Manders
Head of Communications & Marketing, Netball New Zealand

“An essential one-stop shop.”


Daniel Norton
General Manager (Media), Port Adelaide Football Club

Cardiff City FC
James Madison University

A gamechanger for communications

Blinder is used around the world by teams from the AFL to the NFL and the NCAA to the Premier League

A better interview

Hear from members of the Wallabies, Australia's national rugby union team.

Own your brand

Phil Daly, Leeds Rhinos head of media, explains how athletes became content creators overnight.

"I wanted to make my athletes available remotely, reliably and respectfully. But there was friction everywhere – for me, the athletes and the media. We created Blinder to make it a breeze."


Caley Wilson
Co-founder, Blinder, and former media manager for New Zealand Rugby League

“Blinder takes duty of care for athletes seriously and their innovative platform helps sport teams, leagues and governing bodies not only meet their duty of care requirements, but ensure athletes’ voices are heard.”


David Lavallee
Professor of Duty of Care in Sport, Abertay University (UK)

Tools that save you hours


Frictionless adoption

With no new software or skills needed to join a call, you – and everyone you work with – are set to use Blinder right now.


Time control

Interviews can only connect at agreed times and durations, with time zones calibrated for each party.


Push notifications

Notifications and reminders are sent to all parties by text and email. You can also add briefing notes.


Blind calling

Schedule time-controlled interviews without exchanging any personal contact details.


"Smart" numbers

Use an account-specific, local number to schedule multiple, simultaneous Blinder voice calls.


HD recording

Record multi-channel HD video and audio. Download and share recordings within a cloud-based dashboard.

Netball NZ 295x200
Largest college in USA. Home of undefeated 2017 Knights football team.

“The simplicity and efficiency of Blinder saves hours in a day for all parties involved.”


Hamish Hooper
Head of Communications, Emirates Team New Zealand

FAQ for Sports PR

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