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  • Review your Modern Media Management Scorecard to see what is (and isn’t) working
  • Compare your results against the highest standards in pro sport, entertainment and public sector media management
  • Uncover the #1 thing holding you (and your team) back
  • Develop a 3-step plan to take your media management to the next level






    Having a Scorecard Review Session is perfect for you if…


    • You’ve been through the Modern Media Management Scorecard
    • You’re a Communications/PR/Media manager
    • You work within an organisation that is high profile, high performance and high protection (or should be - and you’d like to help get them there)
    • You’re ready to take things to the next level

    Hi, I’m Caley Wilson and I used to be the media manager of New Zealand Rugby League. I now have a company called Blinder that has the privilege of supporting media managers behind Olympic champions to Grammy winners and NFL teams to national Police forces.

    Before working with Blinder, each of our clients realised they had inherited a broken system for managing remote media interviews. But by taking some safe, simple and smart steps, they could change the game. That’s what we help them do.

    A Scorecard Review Session is your no-risk way to see how you, too, can take your media management to the next level.

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    Blinder is trusted by


    “We do all media calls for our club through Blinder now. We have a full record of what’s going on and it’s saving everyone time. The athletes prefer it. The comms teams prefers it. And the media have no qualms once they use Blinder because it works.”

    Luke Morfesse
    Head of Media Relations


    “When I first heard about Blinder, I wanted to know more. How could a journalist call an artist directly - on their personal mobile - without having their number? I’ve been using the system for years now. Having a recording was a big hook for me. And booking a call through Blinder is a fun experience which takes seconds.”

    Frank Varrasso
    Director (former PR director of Sony Music Australia)

    Cardiff-City-FC_Mark-Denham---DSC_4622---Copy 1

    “It’s been a lot easier and a lot more effective for us in terms of the time we devote to press obligations. To come back to my desk and press play to check, knowing that everything has been done, is a massive help for me.”

    Mark Denham
    Head of Communications

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