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We believe in the power of stories.

Stories help us remember, they make us feel less alone, they connect, they make us laugh, they inform, they shift perspectives.

We believe that it isn’t just the technically capable who have a right to be heard and while technology is an enabler, it shouldn’t get in the way of great conversation which illuminates great stories.

For Blinder co-founder Caley Wilson, storytelling isn’t just a career choice, it was a way of life from day one. With a pioneering journalist for a father and a sister who was to follow in his footsteps, Caley was acutely aware from an early age of the privilege and responsibility that comes with creating the stories that others consume.

Later, in communications roles for some of the world's most high-profile sports teams, the weight of this responsibility became personal. Being the one in charge of either handing over personal contact details of pro athletes or acting as a chaperone on an interview with the media didn’t sit right with Caley.

Blinder was created to connect storytellers quickly, easily and in the highest quality possible to ensure the world hears the stories that need to be told.

By reducing the burden on a person being interviewed to allow the story to shine, Blinder has gone on to be the world's most trusted storytelling platform because, in the end, all we are, are stories.

Why should you trust Blinder?

We are quality led

We hold our reputation around quality above all else. We partner with, and hire the best because we know without a quality platform that genuinely makes content producers lives easier, we don't exist.

We respect the story

From day one, Blinder was built to enable stories to be told—to connect newsmakers and storytellers, and to get out of the way of the magic of this connection to enable the stories to shine.

Integrity in all we do

We believe there is a duty of care required when accessing, capturing and publishing the stories the world needs to hear. This was why we created Blinder in the first place, and is still what drives us today.

We enjoy the ride

We know the privilege and responsibility that comes with being involved in creating content. We also know how much fun this can be. While we're focused on our vision, we continue to enjoy the ride and celebrate the achievements of our customers.

"Its ease of use is such a major plus and it is highly reliable. But the customer service is what I love the most. Caley and the team are always available to help, and always open to honest feedback."

Warren Sim
Director, The Media Game

Our Team

Caley Wilson


"Inspiring words entered here for style."

Working with an international sports team is great training for understanding the friction involved in remotely connecting talent and the media. Caley got his share of insights into that space when running communications for New Zealand Rugby League.

Recognising that things could be handled very differently, Caley ran an idea past Ross McConnell – an old mate from Pukekohe High School – and the pair got scheming.


Sinead Huggins

Operations Manager (Auckland)

Cheeky description.

Sinead combines a big dose of practicality with sprinkles of Irish charm. She was Blinder’s critical first hire, having worked with Ross at an earlier venture.

Being across everything from the start makes Sinead a great asset when it comes to supporting our customers, suppliers and our founders.


Jared Thompson

Vice President of Content (Las Vegas)

"Blinder makes everyone you work with happier about the jobs they do."

Jared has worked in many leading institutions within US sport. Try this on: NCAA, University of Oklahoma, Purdue University. His path first crossed with Blinder’s when he was a client.

Jared knows content and PR and approaches problems from angles even your protractor isn’t aware of.


Michal Chudy

Head of Engineering (Auckland)

Cheeky description.

Michal leads our software development team and loves problem solving, which is just as well considering the big challenges he and Blinder take on.

After completing a masters degree in management information systems at the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic, Michal headed to New Zealand and we lured him to Blinder from a senior role with Orion Health.


"Blinder takes duty of care for athletes seriously and their innovative platform helps sport teams, leagues and governing bodies not only meet their duty of care requirements, but ensure athletes’ voices are heard."

David Lavallee
Professor of Duty of Care in Sport, Abertay University (UK)