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Blinder can help you tell better stories, faster, with video. And we can do it now.

Blinder is for broadcasters and publishers who want to make the news without relying on camera crews, for podcasters and bloggers who want an easy break into video, and for publicists and talent managers who need a safe and easy way to connect their clients with the media.

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    Unlike Skype or Google Meet, there’s no need for the callers to download software or sign in. Unlike Facetime, Blinder is device agnostic—all you need is a device with a browser, microphone and camera. Just about any phone, tablet or computer will do. And, unlike most other video conferencing tools, with Blinder LiveView™, broadcasters and streamers have a clean feed to connect directly within their hardware.

    Our solution is:

    • Cloud-based - not on-premise like most broadcast infrastructure - which means that users can access Blinder from anywhere in the world through any mobile phone or computer.
    • Contactless - the solution is so easy to use that training can usually be completed through a 60 minute webinar, and can be deployed anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes (no handshakes required).
    • Collaborative - interview content is captured in the cloud, so it can be easily shared between team members working in different locations.
    • Frictionless - Blinder calls are literally as easy as a phone call. Interviewees don’t need to create a user account and are not required to download any special software.

    So that means you can have one team member schedule a call, another conduct an interview, and another retrieve the recording for editing or publishing—all within a shared dashboard, and all within a handful of mouse clicks.