Blinder for video production.

Blinder is the easiest way to connect HD video calls through any device and capture independent recordings from each source. Tell better stories, faster, from anywhere.

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The easiest way to connect a remote guest.

Blinder's browser-based video calling is the simplest way to connect with anyone's computer, tablet, or phone and record a conversation in high definition.


Coordinate Remotely

Broadcast calls live or record to the cloud in HD for immediate and remote access for editing and enhanced production.


Join in a Single Click

Connect call participants with unique links sent through automated text and email notifications.


Capture any Device

Browser-based video calling connects any computer, tablet, or phone without downloading software or using logins and passcodes.

Record or go live with anyone, anywhere, in high definition.

"In terms of picture quality and ease of use, it was exactly what we needed."

Jonathan Love, Founder/Director


"Blinder has been a revelation...allowing us to easily connect with sports stars all over the globe, whether they are in their lounge or up a mountain."

James Copland, Producer


"An absolute hero platform for me. Its ease of use is such a major plus and it is highly reliable. But the customer service is what I love the most."

Warren Sim, Director