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Blinder is the easiest way to make your talent accessible while giving you more content, coverage and control.

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Easy for everyone

Arrange video and phone calls with automated notifications and reminders and monitor call statuses live from the palm of your hand. No downloads or logins necessary for your talent or guests.


Keep in Control

Manage everything from anywhere. Schedule time-controlled calls between your talent and the media or fans.


Respect Privacy

No personal contact details are exchanged between any parties on Blinder calls. Easily join, monitor or record them.


Secure and safe

Provide your talent with a comfortable and simple way to share their stories with your fans, sponsors and media using the tools they already have.


Streamline Workflows

Easily capture HD video footage from calls between your talent and your content team, fans, sponsors and more. Then swiftly publish it.


Save Time & Hassles

Monitor calls as they happen. Call notifications and reminders send automatically. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.

Better access equals more coverage

Cultivating partnerships and relationships through access to high-profile personalities has never been simpler.


Peace of Mind

Automated notifications and reminders let you rest easy knowing that conversations will occur on time.


Share Recordings

Automatically send recorded content to media and manage access from an online dashboard.


“It has just been a gamechanger when it comes to content collection and streamlining the workflows of the team.”

Tom Bartlett
Head of Sport, Newshub

Record what you need, how you want it

Blinder is the easiest way to connect HD video calls through any device and capture independent recordings from each source. Tell better stories, faster, from anywhere.

Positive UI designer in cafe video calling and discussing templates with client or product manager

HD Recording

Record multi-channel HD video and audio. Download and share recordings within a cloud-based dashboard.


Multiparty Scheduling

Select when calls will take place, or start instantly. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.

Remotely connect anyone, anywhere, at any time

Arrange video and phone calls between multiple parties in seconds, monitor call status, and capture recordings for reputation management, training and content -- all from the palm of your hand.