Blinder for

Easily bring your storytelling to the screen.

Blinder is the easiest way to connect a remote guest, through any mobile device or computer, and share HD video of the conversation with your audience.

How it works

Quick and Reliable

Arrange audio or video calls between multiple parties in seconds, and automate reminders.

No Downloads

Participants connect on personal devices via hyperlink sent by text and email notifications. No downloads or logins required.

Boost Your Broadcast

Broadcast live or record audio and independent video sources for remote access and enhanced content production.

Podcasts with Pictures.

Make multimedia content from any interview, cover breaking events first and "wow" your audience with behind-the-scenes storytelling.

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"In terms of picture quality and ease of use, it was exactly what we needed."

Jonathan Love, Founder/Director


"Love Blinder! It has actually changed my life."

Nicole Thomas, Managing Director


"Delivers cutting-edge content and allows you to make the best use of your time with complete peace of mind."

Mark Denham, Head of Communications


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