The 10-point media interview management scorecard you need to improve your media management today.


With the Modern Media Management Scorecard you’ll:

  • See just how your current media management practices rate
  • Learn safe, simple and smart tactics used by world champion sports teams to major record labels
  • Get five tips to improve your media management today
  • Receive a checklist to ensure you nail your very next interview
  • Gain the confidence to do things differently and raise the bar

The Modern Media Management Scorecard will help you to…

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Assess your performance

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Safely navigate media interviews

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Simplify things for everyone

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Work smarter

Meet the creator

Hi, I’m Caley Wilson and I used to be the Media Manager of New Zealand Rugby League. I now have a company called Blinder that has the privilege of supporting media managers behind Olympic champions to Grammy winners and NFL teams to national Police forces.

The Modern Media Management Scorecard distills insights from many of the leading minds in media management. And now you’re able to measure yourself against their safe, simple and smart practices.

The tips in the Modern Media Management Scorecard will dial up your confidence and dial back your anxiety. They’ll help you and your team to take your media management to the next level.

So, how do your current practices measure up?

Dive on in to find out.

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Caley Wilson

Founder of Blinder


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