Blinder for
Horseracing & Gaming

Record or go live with anyone, anywhere, in high definition.

Blinder is the easiest way to connect a remote guest, through any mobile device or computer, and share HD video of the conversation with your audience.

How it works

Isolate Your Guests

Connect devices via web browser and go live or record HD video and audio isolations from any computer, tablet, or phone.

Broadcast Ready

Blinder's LiveView™ provides an overlay-free experience for content producers using the call as a source for a live broadcast.

Connect Seamlessly

Everyone can use Blinder right now. Guests don’t require any new software or skills. They join calls by clicking a link in a text or email.

The easiest way to connect a remote guest.

Blinder's browser-based video calling is the simplest way to connect with anyone's computer, tablet, or phone and record a conversation in high definition.

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HD Recording

Record HD video and audio isolations. Download and share recordings from a cloud-based dashboard.


Share with Ease

Use LiveView™ to broadcast or stream a clean HD feed of your call participant.



Notifications and reminders are sent to all parties by text and email. You can also add briefing notes.


Frictionless Adoption

Connect instantly through any device without needing to download an app or log in to any websites.

"Beautifully simple...Has changed the game by letting us easily connect with anyone in our industry, wherever they are in the world, regardless of their technical skills."

Scott Freeman, Senior Producer


"The best thing about Blinder has been the access we have to everyone around the racing world. Blinder has changed the game for us...More access, more often—all at the click of a few buttons."

Andrew Leonard, Producer

"Blinder has been a revelation...allowing us to easily connect with sports stars all over the globe, whether they are in their lounge or up a mountain."

James Copland, Producer


"In terms of picture quality and ease of use, it was exactly what we needed."

Jonathan Love, Founder/Director


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