Blinder for music and entertainment PR.

Total call control. The kind you'd sell your soul for. Publicists and talent managers of high-profile clients make everyone's life simpler with Blinder. It's the easiest way to make your talent accessible, through any phone or computer, and direct every part of the process.

Start Free Today, Cure Headaches Tomorrow

Make everyone's life simpler.

Arrange voice and video calls with automated notifications and reminders and monitor call statuses live from the palm of your hand. No downloads or logins necessary as your talent simply answer his or her phone like a traditional call or click a link for a browser-based video call.


Totally Across It

Manage everything from anywhere. Schedule or instantly start time-controlled calls between your talent and the media or fans.


Totally Private

No personal contact details are exchanged between any parties on Blinder calls. And you can easily join, monitor or record them.


Totally Easy

Can your talent answer a mobile phone or landline? Or click a link in a text or email? They’re set to use Blinder. No tricky software downloads. No hassles.

"Blinder gives us certainty that the call will be connected to the right person at the right time."

Dominica Leonard, Head of Publicity


"The easiest and most carefree way to arrange media calls."

Frank Varrasso, Radio Promotions Manager


"Incredibly easy to use."

Karen Tinman, Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager


"It's the duck's nuts!"

Tim Price, Director of Collision Course/The Factions