Blinder for corporate communications

Arrange voice and video calls between multiple parties in seconds, monitor call status, and capture recordings for reputation management, training and content -- all from the palm of your hand.

Start Free Today, Impress Your Bosses Tomorrow

One-click conversations.

Cultivating partnerships and relationships through access to high-profile personalities have never been simpler. It's the easiest way to make your VIPs accessible, through any phone, tablet, or computer, and direct every part of the process.


Join in One Touch

Can your execs answer a mobile phone or landline? Or click a link in a text or email? They’re set to use Blinder. No tricky software downloads. No hassles.


Respect Privacy

No personal contact details are exchanged between any parties on Blinder calls. And you can easily join, monitor or record them..


Share Recordings

Automatically send recorded content to those who need it or manage access from an online dashboard.

"The perfect system for connecting everyone without sacrificing privacy."

Patrick Keane, Media Relations Manager


"A small revolution in media relations management."

Andrea Cimbrico, Head of Communications


"Improves the way our talent communicates with media, and builds a safe and trusted environment for everyone."

Nick Rewcastle, Head of Communications