We help content producers tell better stories, faster.

Connect instantly with anyone through any device and capture independent HD recordings of everyone on the call.

SKY Sport NZ

Make news without the crews.

Make multimedia content from any interview, cover breaking events first and "wow" your audience with behind-the-scenes storytelling.


Frictionless Adoption

Connect instantly through any device without needing to download an app or log in to any websites.


Blinder LiveView™

Use LiveView™ to broadcast or stream a clean HD feed of your call participant.


Podcasts with pictures.

Instantly connect and record an HD video call with anyone's device by sending a unique link to join via web browser.


Multiparty Scheduling

Select when calls will take place, or start instantly. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.

HD Recording

Record multi-channel HD video and audio. Download and share recordings within a cloud-based dashboard.

Record or go live with anyone in a single click.

Do better interviews, faster, from anywhere.

Reliably converse with more than 5.5 billion connected sources of information around the world. Record HD video or audio of every interview and collaborate with a distributed team.


Simple for Everyone

Everyone you want to speak with is just one click away from a video call in Blinder. No logins. No software.


Connect on Time

Automated text and email notifications (and reminders) keep all parties coordinated with upcoming call details.


The easiest way to connect a remote guest.

Blinder's browser-based video calling is the simplest way to connect with anyone's computer, tablet, or phone and record a conversation in high definition.


Remote Production

Broadcast calls live or record to the cloud in HD for immediate and remote access for editing and enhanced production.


Capture Any Device

Browser-based video calling connects any computer, tablet, or phone without downloading software or using logins.

Easily bring your storytelling to the screen.

Storytelling with confidence.

Provide your talent with a secure, comfortable, and easy way to share their stories with your fans, sponsors and media.