Blinder for broadcasting.

Reliably connect with more than 5.5 billion connected sources of information around the world. Record HD video and audio from any device and collaborate with your internal team to turn stories into multimedia content with ease.


Start Free Today, Save Hours Tomorrow

Make news without the crews.

Instantly connect and record an HD video call with anyone's device by sending a unique link to join via web browser.


Frictionless Adoption

Connect instantly thorugh any device without a download or log in.


Clean Feeds

Use Blinder LiveView™ to create a clean HD feed of your guests for broadcast or livestream.


Automated Reminders

Notifications and a 10-minute reminder are sent to all parties by text and email. You can also add custom notes.

Record or go live with anyone, anywhere, in high definition.

"Blinder has been a revelation...allowing us to easily connect with sports stars all over the globe, whether they are in their lounge or up a mountain."

James Copland, Producer


"In terms of picture quality and ease of use, it was exactly what we needed."

Jonathan Love, Founder/Director


"Delivers cutting-edge content and lets you make the best use of your time with complete peace of mind."

Mark Denham, Head of Communications